What is Brazilian Keratin Straightening

brazilian keratin straighteningThe Brazilian Keratin straightening system marks an end to frizz and out of control hair. It’s a real leap forward in hair straightening technology using a system that’s completely different to other chemical straighteners on the market like regular relaxers.

How Brazilian Keratin Straightening Works

buy brazilian keratin hereUsing a complex formula that contains amino acids, proteins and mineral extracts, Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatments work as an intensive conditioner. Infusing individual hair fibres with these amino acids and then locking the protein in with a resilient coating.

The result is vibrantly healthy, glossy looking hair. The profound straightening effect is actually a by-product of Keratin, as its deep conditioning effect also deprograms frizz and unlocks curl.

Why Brazilian Keratin is Different

Some people have hair that is naturally rich in Keratin. The result is the kind of hair everyone dreams of. Hair that looks naturally shiny, healthy and beautifully glossy. We all start with high amounts of Keratin in our hair, but over time, the levels reduce – especially if you colour, perm or straighten your hair.

For the rest of us, a lack of Keratin, combined with daily wear and tear, pollution and sunlight, creates tiny fractures and cracks which eventually lead to frizz and dehydration.


How does Brazilian Keratin Straightening WorkUsing a Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment like Zene Progress or Tutanat Progressiva is actually good for your hair, restoring strength and nourishing, instead of drying it out like most other chemical hair straighteners

While other treatments, such as the Yuko or Japanese method, permanently alter the structure of hair, effectively killing it and often making it look dry and lifeless, Brazilian straightening locks in a nourishing formula of vitamins and proteins to add new life and shine, even if you have very damaged or chemically treated hair.


How Brazilian Keratin Works

Keratin is a naturally occurring substance which already exists in hair, nails and skin, to protect and hold moisture.

By using a Brazilian Keratin hair treatment, effectively adding a extra ‘dose’ of Keratin to your hair, it becomes less prone to curl and frizz – even on Afro or very curly locks.

Brazilian Keratin straightening is not a permanent process

Over time the fabulous results of a Keratin hair treatment will gradually fade and your hair will return to normal.New growth will appear healthier, but there will be no permanent change, other than a gentle improvement in the condition of your hair. With continued use results last longer.

buy brazilian keratin hereWhile a first application will typically last up to 3 months, with continued use you can expect results exceeding 4 months and new growth to have added strength and shine.

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