Brazilian Keratin Treatments Explained

Formaldehyde-free Brazilian Keratin straightening treatments, like Zene Progress and Tutanat are an easy way to radically reduce curl and frizz on all types of hair, and offer many advantages to other types of straightening.

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• No need to use electric irons
• Easy to manage, frizz-free hair

They work by infusing your hair with proteins and amino acids, literally conditioning your hair smooth. That makes them perfect if you’re hair’s prone to frizz, or you have to straighten daily with irons.

Brazilian Keratin on Different Hair Types

Brazilian Keratin on different hair types

Brazilian straightening has become a global hit with professional stylists over the last few years, and more recently at home Keratin treatments have become increasingly popular as products become easier to use. So let’s take a look at how our the system works on different types of hair and what you can expect.

Brazilian Keratin on Wavy or Curly Hair

Expect outstanding results and an end to the hassle of daily frizz if you have wavy / curly hair. Keratin treatments make styling a breeze, giving you beautiful, wash and go hair for as long as 4 or 5 months between applications. Using Keratin products as part of your regular haircare regime and enjoy gloriously healthy hair with outstanding natural shine.

brazilian keratinOn Hair Prone to Frizz

If you have hair that frizzes up at the first sign of damp or humidity, the Keratin Straightening will do a great job of calming things down. And because it goes to the very core of each individual fibre, effectively loading it with nourishment, leaving a resistant barrier and locking in moisture, it makes frizz a thing of the past.

Keratin for Damaged Hair

A Brazilian treatment will repair your hair loading it with proteins before locking in nourishment and sealing up each individual follicle. Keratin restores natural shine and manageability, even if your hair is damaged by years of abuse, from harsher chemical treatments like bleaching, relaxing and perming. With continued use new growth is stronger and healthier.Keratin on black hair

On Relaxed or Straightened Hair

Products like Zene Progress are perfect to maintain results if you have permanently straightened, or relaxed hair, giving you a natural look and feel. Especially if it’s been dried out by harsh chemicals like ammonia, which are often found in relaxers.

Keratin for Black Hair

Keratin for black hair

While it may take more than a single application to achieve a really straight effect, using Keratin products on Afro hair produces outstanding results.

A first application will certainly create a dramatic reduction of frizz, and a second treatment 5-7 days after is usually enough to create a true relaxed look. Results may fade more quickly, but with continued use should last between 3 and 4 months.

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Effect of Brazilian Keratin on Weak or Very Fine Hair

A Keratin Blowout is extremely good for weak and damaged hair. If you have fine flyaway hair these treatments will add a more voluminous feel, plumping up individual fibres. Used in conjunction with Keratin based shampoos and conditioners, over time your hair will recover strength and new growth will be thicker.

Keratin treatments for Gymers, Swimmers and Active Types

A Brazilian Blowdry is ideal for runners, athletes and swimmers, even if you not looking for arrow straight hair, because it protects against corrosive elements like salt, chlorine, city grime and airborne pollution. Keratin treatments are perfect for busy gym lovers or anyone who struggles with the endless cycle of wash, dry, straighten, wash, dry, straighten, wash, dry, straighten.

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