Cysteine Straightening – A new breakthrough in Brazilian Straightening

Tutanat’s 10 Minute Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Already described as the hair straightening breakthrough of the decade, Tutanat Escova Progressiva is the first 100% Formaldehyde-free Keratin straightening treatment that does not require a 2, or even 3 day wait, before rinsing.

It’s a big step forward in hair straightening technology and means an end to the long wait normally required for Keratin to be fully absorbed by the hair.

A Formaldehyde-free Keratin treatment which only takes 10 minutes to produce perfectly natural looking, frizz free hair.


Sounds almost too good to be true, but the new Tutanat 10 minute Brazilian Blowout really does what it claims, in a way no other same-day Keratin straightener has managed, without the addition of dangerous chemicals, like Formaldehyde.

So what makes the 10 minute Keratin Blowout so special?

Because Tutanat have created a completely new kind of Keratin treatment that uses a complex blend of the same amino acids found in healthy hair.

It literally conditions out frizz and curl by infusing your hair with the same nutrients that are abundant in healthy straight hair. The active ingredient used for this is Cysteine, a naturally occurring substance that’s vital for healthy hair.

But your hair has a limited amount of Cysteine. While new growth is often rich in the substance it fades over time, so the longer your hair is the lower the concentration.

Amounts vary tremendously from person to person and you can generally see exactly how much Cysteine is in someone’s hair by its natural condition. The healthier the hair the higher the Cysteine content.
Lower Cysteine levels are normal in hair that looks dry, is prone to frizz or very curly. Chemical processes like bleaching, dyeing and regular straightening with irons also saps natural Cysteine levels.

But by literally infusing your hair with this naturally occurring substance Tutanat have found a way to eliminate frizz and restore your hair’s shine and vitality, without the usual 48 hour downtime usually associated with traditional Keratin treatments.

Discover the new Tutanat Cysteine System for yourself.


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  1. What do you do for your damaged hair?I use a flat iron on my hair about twice a week after I have waehsd it. I need it up to 230 otherwise it doesn’t do anything to my hair. My hair is in between wavy and curly and it sticks up like a frizzy afro if I don’t do this. I use heat protection serum but a lot of my hair is badly coarse and damaged. My hair is just past my shoulders and I want to be able to grow it long. I don’t want to have to cut it off. I look really ugly and butch when my hair is too short. I have also dyed it over the years and have only just got it to a colour very close my natural colour so that I can grow it out.I recently used a keratin hair relaxer so that I could give my hair a break from the irons. Still, bits of it are very coarse whilst other bits are in better condition than they were before.Will anything repair my hair? Will deep conditioning treatments work? If so, how often do I have to do them?If I leave one in overnight every time I wash my hair will my hair feel in good condition by the time the relaxer has worn off?

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