Formaldehyde In Keratin Hair Treatments

How The Use Of Formaldehyde In Keratin Hair Treatments Has Damaged The Hairdressing Industry?

Keratin hair treatments have gained popularity among those with frizzy, coarse and curly hair. While this could be an effective solution, this has been put in so much controversy because of the numerous side effects reported by many users. The use of Formaldehyde in Keratin treatments from the US and China have continued to damage the industry. These products have made this miracle straightening a nightmare for some users.

This has been compounded by numerous investigations and reports concerning these products and its harmful content which continue to hurt the industry at a time when many stylists and independent salons are already suffering.

Big producers from this country have claimed that their straightening product are safe and has duped many high and low end salons in the market. It was found out however, that the ingredients of their products are combined with the dangerous and toxic formaldehyde chemicals. This carcinogenic substance in their products exposes every user to the risk of getting cancer. Those salon hairdressers, although using masks, cannot escape the fume of this toxic from being absorbed in their skins.

Another immediate aftermath that is experienced by the user of keratin products from the US and China is the excessive hair loss. They noticed the falling hair from the very first wash after their treatment. The amount of the hair fall that develops a thinning pattern is so overwhelming and scary. These products are also capable of inducing allergy in most users. The common symptoms include rashes, itching and eczema may also likely to develop. At first, this product may give you straight and shiny hair. 2-3 weeks after the treatment, the texture will degrade and the hair becomes dull and dry. This is because this harmful chemical breaks the bonds in the hair shaft.

If you have long struggled with that bushy, curly, unhealthy, and damaged hair set aside the products from US and China as the best keratin treatment is made from Brazil. Brazilian Keratin treatment is a revolutionary process of softening the hair making it healthier. It deeply penetrates the hair shafts repairing the internal damage and effectively coats the hair so that no further damage can be done. This are natural based and does not contain harmful chemical. It delivers a replenishing treatment to recondition the hair protecting it from heat and water while naturally enhancing its shine.

Keratin treatment produces in Brazil works best in different hair types of hair that has undergone chemical treatment such as bleached, premed, colored, highlighted or previously straightened. Since there are not harsh chemicals present, it can be used for 6 years old children, teens and adults. Keratin treatment made from Brazil is not permanent though. With constant washing, it will naturally fade from the hair. In about 2-3 months, those waves of the curly hair will slowly come back. But, the hair will remain shiny, soft and very healthy looking.

There are wide varieties of keratin treatment product available in the market. Consumers must be aware that the best and genuine keratin products are made from Brazil.

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