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Zene Progresskeratin straightening treatments zene

• Works on All Hair Types
• Smooths Away Frizz and Curls
• Repairs and Strengthens

Zene Progress is a salon-quality Keratin straightening treatment that works exceptionally well on all hair types even the tightest curls, Afro or very curly hair.

It’s very easy to use, which makes it a real favourite with home users, as well as professional stylists.

Expect straighter, stronger hair that resists humidity, stays smooth and looks fabulous. Daily straightening becomes a thing of the past and styling’s a breeze.

Lasts 3-4 months
Bottle Size – 470ml
4-5 Complete Treatments

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Brazilian Keratin Straightening TreatmentsTutanat Progressiva

• No Downtime or Waiting Around
• Literally Conditions Away Frizz
• Exceptionally Mild Formula

Tutanat’s advanced new formula with Cysteine produces a softer, more gentle Blowout, especially effective on dry, brittle hair that’s prone to frizz.

Simple and very fast to apply, Tutanat Progressiva provides professional quality hair smoothing and frizz-control.

No waiting around. it’s the first 10-minute Keratin straightening treatment, leaving your hair beautifully smooth and resistant to unwanted frizz and curl.

Lasts 2-3 months
Bottle Sizes: 300ml 2-3 Treatments
900ml 6-9 Treatments

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Zene Progress


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Tutanat Progressiva


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Brazil’s best selling Keratin straightening treatments – Zene Progress and Tutanat Progressiva

Zene Progress works on all types of hair, lasts 3-4 months from a single application and needs to be left on your hair for 2 days, before rinsing.

Tutanat, is one of the new generation of Keratin straightening treatments, which combine added amino acids, like Cysteine. The result is a softer finish that doesn’t last quite as long as a product as a product like Zene Progress, typically 2- 3 months from a first application.

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The major benefit of Tutanat Progressiva is that it’s quicker to apply, only needs to be left on your hair for 10-20 minutes and the whole treatment can usually be completed in under an hour.


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