Keratin Blowout Treatment Guide

Keratin Blowout Treatment
Our best selling Keratin Blowout treatment is as easy to apply as any deep conditioning product. Just one bottle and no complicated instructions.

You don’t need any special equipment and everything you need to know for a perfect treatment is included here.

So for professional results at home or in salon, just follow our simple guide.

How to Apply Zene Progress Keratin Blowout Treatment

<em>Keratin Blowout treatment</em> 1. Wash your hair with a salt free (sodium) shampoo. (Anti-residual clarifying shampoos are ideal, but if you don’t have any use something very mild like a baby shampoo)

2. Rinse well. The idea here is to get rid of any lingering product residue, as well as city grime and pollution build up. (Your Keratin Blowout will work best on clean hair)

3. Towel dry your hair so it’s still damp and divide into at least 6 sections, more if you have thick hair

Brazilian Treatment4. Using a small brush (a toothbrush will do) or massaging in with your fingers (in which case we suggest wearing rubber gloves), apply the treatment evenly over your hair. Start at the roots, then work your way out ensuring hair is well coated

5. Once you’ve finished wait 20 minutes

6. Using a comb and working from the roots out again, get rid of the excess Keratin Blowout treatment and discard. (It’s important to get as much product out as possible)

7. Dry your hair normally, with a dryer on the hottest setting available, brushing straight as you go. Again, discard any excess Keratin Blowout solution

8. When your hair is virtually dry to the touch, use electric straighteners to finish the job. A high setting works best with all Brazilian Treatment products.

Brazilian Keratin Blowout* Important. Work slowly and thoroughly, passing the straighteners over each section 6-7 times, allowing your hair to cool between passes
This ‘locks-in’ the treatment assuring a really smooth finish to your Keratin Blowout.

9. Wait 48 hours and do nothing. Keep your hair as straight as possible, brushing occasionally to remove any kinks or waves that may appear.

(Tip: Don’t panic if your hair doesn’t look arrow straight during this period, it’s all part of the treatment. Go over any waves that appear again with your straighteners. No need to apply extra Keratin Blowout solution

10. Rinse thoroughly with warm water (you don’t need to use shampoo until the next time you wash after a treatment)

* That’s it. Wash and go hair that looks and feels fabulous. Healthier, glossier, with a natural shine that makes Zene Progress the Keratin Blowout of choice for home users and stylists alike.

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