Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners

The BioExtratus range of Keratin shampoos and Keratin conditioning products are perfect for maintaining the results of a straightening treatment.

Each product in the QueraVit range has a unique role and we’ve explained exactly how to use them for the very best results here.
Using the BioExtratus range of Shampoos and Conditioners with Keratin means:


  • All Natural Organic Ingredientskeratin shampoo keratin shampoos
  • Stronger More Flexible Hair
  • A Healthier, More Shiny Look
  • Protection from the Elements


Post Shampoo with Keratin $20


The perfect gentle cleansing shampoo for Keratin treated hair. Boosts results of the Brazilian straightening system. Protects your hair from the everyday damage sun and grime can cause. Seals hair and restores damaged fibres one by one. Queravit Post Keratin shampoo builds resistance and elasticity, even in hair treated with more damaging chemical straighteners like traditional relaxers. It’s ideal for anyone who has used harsher products in the past. Shampoo with Keratin rich in added B vitamins.

Use: In the week after applying any Keratin straightener. Massage into hair, wait 4-6 minutes and rinse. Dry as usual.



Deep Hydrating Keratin Shampoo $20


Hydrating Shampoo for Keratin Treated Hair

Designed for regular use. A deep hydrating Keratin shampoo – ideal for frizz control, with a gentle cleansing action and a protective formula packed with Keratin and Vitamin B5. Used in conjunction with Keratin conditioners it radically prolongs results. A rich foam invisibly coats and protects hair with Keratin, creating an invisible seal to lessen friction, adds natural malleability and shine.

Use: 2-3 weeks after your Brazilian Blowdry as a normal shampoo. Massage into hair, wait 5-6 minutes and rinse well.


Rich Keratin Conditioner $20


Using a Keratin Conditioner strengthens and repairs the damage of everyday wear and tear with a fortifying dose of Keratin, superb for maintaining the results of Keratin straightening products, with really noticeable effect.

This deep conditioner with Keratin works well on hair left dull and lifeless from harsher straightening treatments and relaxers. Coats the hair in a nourishing blend of Keratin, conditioner with added vitamins and minerals.

Use: After washing with any salt-free shampoo or Keratin care product. Apply by hand working into the hair. Wait 6-8 minutes and rinse.


Finalising Leave In Keratin Conditioner $20

Enriched with Macadamia and complex Vitamin compounds for ultimate frizz control. BioExtratus Finalising conditioner with Keratin is perfect for active girls, beach lovers, swimmers and gym-ers, protecting from damaging UV rays, humidity and salt. Prevents frizz leaving hair easy to control, sleek and shiny.

Use: As a leave-in, before drying and / or straightening. Apply a pea sized amount and massage through the hair with your fingers. (Works like a 1 day mini Brazilian Blowdry!)


Keratin Conditioner Mask $20


This deep Keratin conditioner mask, provides a profound reconstructing action to restore your hair’s natural ability to rehydrate itself.

Used reguarly the BioExtratus Keratin conditioner mask strengthens the hair follicle by follicle for maximum protection against UV, wind, humidity and pollution, with an invisible seal, adding shine and vitality.

Use:After washing with any Keratin shampoo. Apply by hand, massaging into the hair. Wait 15-20 minutes and rinse well.


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