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Keratin shampoosKeratin shampoos and conditioners used after Brazilian straightening help preserve, enhance and prolong results. They’re incredibly kind and because they contain Keratin, and other natural proteins, they nourish your hair, adding shine and strength.

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Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners Explained

Used as a standalone product Keratin shampoos help prevent frizz, especially if you apply other Keratin conditioning products after washing. They add strength, resilience and shine, plus hydrate and ‘feed’ your hair in a way that regular products never can.

But their real strength comes when used as part of your regular hair maintenance routine, especially after applying a Keratin straightening treatment, like Zene Progress or Tutanat Progressiva.

The main feature of Keratin shampoos is that they are sulphate-free, and contain bumper loads of the natural aminos your hair needs to prevent dryness, breakage and frizz. These essential proteins are vital for strong, healthy hair and replicate those present naturally. Users frequently refer to their hair feeling ‘baby soft’ with added elasticity and far less breakage or splitting.

In short, shampoos and conditioners with Keratin help to temproarily restore your hair to a virgin state, stronger, less frizzy and more flexible.

That makes them ideal if your hair is easily affected by humidity or if it’s been damaged by earlier chemical processes.

We’ve been selling Keratin shampoos, since 2007 and the items we sell really do produce amazing results. We supply hundreds of salons all over the world and at-home users everywhere[m_quickgeo] including {country-name} [/m_quickgeo] are now discovering just how good these genuine Brazilian treatments really are.

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