Keratin Straightening Treatment Tips

7 simple ways to maintain a Keratin straightening treatment

keratin straightening treatmentLooking to maintain your Keratin treatment for as long as possible?
Check out these 7 easy tips for maxxing your Blowout.

1. Don’t wash your hair immediately, wait at least 48 hours to allow your hair to absorb as much Keratin as possible.

2. Most Keratin treatments last between 20 and 40 washes, so if you can space out the frequency of washing your hair, from say daily to every couple of days, your results will last a lot longer.

3. A week after your treatment use a Keratin rich shampoo, and/or conditioner and continue to do this on a weekly basis. This bumps up the Keratin content of your hair, and helps maintain the Keratin seal on your hair.

4. If you’re using other shampoos, make sure they’re salt free (sodium) and have a PH of between 4.5 and 5.5.

5. After washing your hair use a paddle brush when drying it. Paddle brushes are perfect for straight hair and will promote healthy growth.

6. Wait at least a week, and ideally two, before colouring your hair after usimg a Keratin treatment. Same goes for before straightening. If you colour your hair do it a week or two before using a Keratin straightening treatment.

7. When you use an electric dryer, on your hair try rubbing through a pea-sized amount of a Keratin based conditioner, or leav-in through your hair. This will strengthen the invisible seal and protect your hair against the heat.



  1. I have a question around this product
    if you have done your hair with this product will your hair even stay straigth at a party or wil it curl again because off the heath and the humidity there?

  2. Thanks for getting in touch Vicky.
    Products like Zene Progress and Tutanat have been developed for exactly those conditions and all Keratin treatments will protect your hair against frizzing out in hot and humid conditions.

    Check out this post on our blog, it talks about how Keratin straightening works against frizz.

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