Keratin Treatments on Black and Afro Hair

Brazilian Straightening for Black Hair

keratin treatment on black hairUsing Keratin on Black Hair, means a less harmful substitute to traditional relaxing products, and the effect of Keratin straightening on black hair is nowhere near as harsh.

That’s the reason many black women are now turning their backs on old-fashioned hair straightening techniques, in favour of something more gentle and less damaging.

Applying Keratin Straightening to Black or Afro hair also leaves a more natural finish, as it contains none of the harmful chemicals involved with traditional relaxers and perming solutions. The result, while not as ‘dramatic’ as relaxing, is winning fans universally.

And while using Keratin on black hair – as an option to relaxing – may take a couple of applications for a truly straight finish, the ultimate result of a Brazilian Blowout on Black Hair is much kinder, and the Keratin will gradually help restore strength and vitality.

That makes it perfect if you’re trying to grow your hair out after relaxing, and you’ve been plagued by hair that literally snaps off when it grows a few inches long.

As you probably know, the Keratin straightening system began life in Brazil, a diverse country containing every possible ethnic blend, and the same goes for our hair, which varies from Germanic ‘flat’ hair to 100% Afro.

Because of this, genuine Brazilian Keratin treatments like Definitive Liss and Zene Progress, by which I mean those actually made in Brazil, tend to work equally well on Afro or Caucasian hair and everything in between. As such it’s become a firm favourite of Black women, because it’s a much kinder option than regualr relaxing.

Sure, achieving a pin straight finish with a product like the Zene Progress Keratin straightener on Black or Afro hair may take two applications, (usually applied around 7 days apart). But even a first treatment is going to have a dramatic effect on frizz and strengthen your hair, nevertheless for a genuinely relaxed effect a second application may well be needed.

Alternatively, a Keratin Relaxer may not be as gentle, but the effects are actually better than uing a regular relaxing product designed specifically for Black hair.

Once you’ve achieved the perfect finish, continued use of complimentary Keratin straightening treatments will keep your hair straight indefinitely and improve the condition of your hair.

Keratin products work gradually on all hair types and that includes the Brazilian Blowout on black hair. But they do produce fabulous results. In Brazil the system is called Escova Progressiva, because the results improve and last longer with each successive application. Hence the word Progressiva inside the name.

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Relaxer on Black Hair

Using Keratin on black hair that’s been relaxed will restore the natural shine and strength that relaxers can affect, as well as maintaining the ‘straight’ look over successive treatments.

In Brazil it’s popular for Black women to use a relaxer once, then continue with Keratin smoothing treatments indefinitely afterwards. As well as prolonging the straight finish, its deep conditioning helps to prevent breakage and dehydration. Hair quickly regains natural shine and new growth remains straight, with none of the dullness associated with traditionally relaxed hair.

How long does a Keratin Brazilian Blowout on Black Hair last?

Keratin straightening treatments last equally long on Black hair as they do on other hair types, around 3 months, and the results are very similar.

Your hair looks smoother, feels softer and is less prone to frizz. It’s just that the finish looks a lot more natural than a relaxer.

To really max out results we suggest using a clarifying shampoo before treatment, and Keratin enriched shampoos and conditioners between applications.

Keratin treatments on Afro and Black hair offer a very reliable and infinitely safer alternative to traditional relaxing or straight perms. With the latest Brazilian straighteners being more effective than ever, they really do provide a solution for anyone wanting natural looking straight hair, with none of the negative side effects often found in hair straightening products designed for black hair.

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  1. Very informative and very true! Keratin is a wonderful protein, and for all those women looking for straight hair it’s much safer to use a treatment that has keratin which is naturally present in healthy hair. Zene Progress is the best I’ve used so far and it doesn’t damage hair at all.

  2. For black hair, after using keratin process of straightening the hair, can it go back to its natural state after the 3 months mentioned above?

  3. Hi Neo,
    I sent you a message in reply to this one.

  4. Hi, I am desperatly in need of hair advice. I am in Abu Dhabi and my experience is the black salons are very poorly equipped. Can this product be obtained in Abu Dhabi and if so where?

  5. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for your message.
    We ship direct to Abu Dhabi and just like everywhere else in the world, shipping is free, so there are no extra fees to pay – it’s all covered by us.

    Hope that helps.

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