Keratin Straightening Treatment Guide

Brazil’s best-selling  Keratin Straightening treatments are now available worldwide, including United States. To help you decide which one is right for your hair, we created this page highlighting the features of each Keratin Straightening product.

100% Formladehyde-Free – Salon Quality Results – Safe and Easy to Use

Which Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment ?

Zene Progress

Keratin Blowout - Zene Progress

Keratin Straightening Treatment

Brazil’s favourite Keratin treatment. Popular with stylists worldwide and the perfect at-home Keratin Blowout. Really easy to apply, virtually odour free and professsional quality results guaranteed. Zene Progress by Niasi, one of Brazil’s leading makers of hair products, produces fabulous results and is our best selling Keratin treatment.

+ Long Lasting – 3 to 4 months from a single application
+ Simple to Use – No fixers or neutralisers required
+ Economical – Expect 3 to 5 treatments from one bottle

• 2 day ‘downtime‘ before you can wash your hair
• You need to wait a week before and after colouring your hair

Easy enough to use at home, Zene Progress has been around since 2007. It uses a trusted Formaldehyde-free formula, effective on all hair types, even Afro and very curly hair. Zene Progress works especially well on damaged or heavily treated hair.


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Tutanat Escova Progressiva

Brazilian Straightening Tutanat

10 Minute Brazilian Straightening

The first Formaldehyde-free Keratin Straightening Treatment with no downtime. An instant hit in Brazil, and now available worldwide, including United States. The treatment uses essential amino acids to smooth out the tiny cracks and fractures that cause frizz. Tutanat gives you a gently relaxed and natural look, that holds any style you choose, in just 10 minutes.

+ Zero Downtime – Apply, wait 10 minutes, dry, straighten and go
+ Works on All Hair Types – And with other chemical treatments
+ Professional Results – Easy to use, lasts up to 3 months

• Costs a little more (most people agree it’s well worth it)
• 3 stage application (full instructions provided in all languages)

The addition of Cysteine makes Cysteine more readily absorbed by your hair, making it perfect for professionals and at-home users looking for a single sitting treatment with no waiting time. Expect smooth, soft and silky hair, free from frizz and unwanted curl.


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Brazilian Straightening Tutanat

Zene Progress is Brazil’s leading Keratin Straightening treatment, a reliable favourite of stylists because it offers professional results which last between 3 and 4 months. While Tutanat Escova Progressiva is a new system, that combines added natural proteins and a traditional Keratin straightening formula making it quicker to apply, with no waiting time.

Still confused about a Keratin Straightening Treatment?

keratin straighteningWhich one is right for you? If you have course, frizzy or Afro hair that’s very difficult to control, or if you want a really pin straight finish we definitely recommend Zene Progress. It’s very effective and powerful enough to tame any type of hair and reduce firzz. It also works great as a reconditioner, on very damaged hair and prevents breakage on Afro hair

Alternatively, if you want a more gentle finish, just to calm your frizz or make your hair easier to control on a day to day basis, Tutanat will be perfect for you.

If you need some help we’re always on hand to answer your questions,  either here on the site or at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Keratin Straightening Treatment BuyTo get a better idea of how our products work, you might want to look at this page, which explains the Keratin straightening system in more detail. And if you’re still looking for answers, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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