Brazilian Keratin Treatments for Hair Care and Conditioning

Brazilian Keratin Treatments for Hair Care and Conditioning

brazilian keratin treatmentsIntroducing a new breed of Brazilian Keratin Treatments designed not to straighten your hair, but to improve its condition.

They repair the damage caused by harsher chemical processes, like perming, colouring and straightening.


Using deep penetrating amino acids and protein rich ingredients, they restore your hair’s natural strength and vitality.

Brazilian Keratin Treatments take hair conditioning and repair to the next level

Brazilian Keratin Treatments NovExThese products go way beyond the original Brazilian straightening products, that have revolutionised frizz control and hair smoothing over the last decade. Using the same principle, of literally over-dosing your hair with nurishment, they penetrate deep into the core of your hair’s individual follicles, re-bonding broken links and replacing lost proteins.

Brazil is home to the best haircare products in the world, that’s no secret. The high humidity and heat mean products really have to deliver, and the diverse ethnicity of people here means companies have to provide innovation and quality for all types of hair.

Quite simply, manufacturers make products that really perform. That means they strive to create new treatments that solve the everyday hair care problems such as unwanted frizz, the impact of pollution, sun and humidity or the unwanted side-effects of hairsh chemical treatments, curling tongs and electric irons.

All this means greater stress on our hair, and unfortunately more damage. It’s well worth remembering that our hair is part of our body – it’s like our skin – and in exactly the same way we use moisturisers on our face and body, we need to look after our hair in much the same way.

Remember. Your Hair Needs Loving Too

These new Brazilian Keratin treatments have been designed not to straighten your hair, but rather to keep it in optimium condition, repair existing damage or protect against environmental factors like sun, rain, pollution and humidity.

brazilian keratin straightening• Smooth and Control Frizz
Increase Natural Shine
Improve the Health of Your Hair

Incredibly effective at replenishing your hair with high levels of amino acids and natural proteins, these treatments can stimulate new growth, strengthen your hair and boost the low-levels of elasticity that lead to breakage and split ends.

Enjoy the benefits of Brazilian Keratin Treatments without the pin-straight finish

These products literally condition your hair back into a naturally healthy state, reversing the damage done by things like perming, bleaching, dyeing and the excessive use of electric curlers or straightening irons.

Products like the NovEx ‘hair-food’ range are tailor-made for different hair-types. So for example, if you have brittle hair that’s prone to snapping, our Keratin with Olive Oil conditioner will help add strength and prevent further breakage.

If your hair is prone to get frizzier through the day the Blindagem Tri-Therapy ‘rub-through’ will keep it smooth for up to 24 hours between applications.

We’ve cherry picked a few of our favourite next-generation products to compliment the straight finish Brazilian straighteners we already have on the site. As with everything we sell, you can be sure of their quality, and that they actually work. We can personally recommend these and regularly use them ourselves.

Take a look at each of our Brazilian Keratin treatments below and choose the one that’s right for you.