What is Keratin Straightening

what is keratinAll Your Keratin Questions Answered

Like what is Brazilian Blowout, or what is Keratin Straightening and how can it help my frizzy, dull, damaged or weak hair?

Keratin treatments like Zene Progress and Tutanat Progressiva have changed hair straightening forever. But amazingly these products are still well under the radar, so it’s not surprising we get asked plenty of questions.

Where can I buy Keratin treatment in United States?
Right here on the site. Shipping is free worldwide and that includes United States. Visit our online store.

What is Keratin Straightening

If you don’t know already, the Brazilian Keratin Blowout system is the must-have hair product for 2013. But it’s still well below the radar of most stylists and frizzed out girls.

We’re Brazil’s largest independent supplier of Keratin Treatments, and we get a lot of requests for information. So we’ve published some of the most common questions we get here.

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What is a Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is a term that began in America and it’s also the brand name of another straightening product, although it’s not made in Brazil. But it’s also become a name for the treatment in general, as it begins to appear in more salons around the world. Other popular names include the Brazilian Blowdry, Brazilian Keratin straightening and Escova Progressiva.

Where can I buy Keratin and what brands do we sell?

where can I buy keratin straighteningWe sell two types of Brazilian Straightening treatment, Zene Progress and Tutanat Progressiva. Both produce excellent results and are very easy to use.

Zene Progress.

Made by Niasi, one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of professional Keratin straightening products. Results last between 3 and 4 months, much longer with regular use.

We chose Zene Progress because it’s the best selling Keratin straightening product here in Brazil. A favourite with salons and home users, Zene produces salon quality results without a lengthy application process.

Brazilian straighteningTutanat Progressiva

A slightly lighter product, that typically lasts for between 8 and 10 weeks. The big plus about Tutanat, which uses another amino acid – Cysteine – in combination with Keratin, is that there’s no downtime and the whole treatment, from start to finish only takes about an hour.

Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin Straightening Treatments

What’s the difference between a Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Straightening Treatments?

Basically not much. Since its development 10 years ago in Brazil, Keratin treatments have been given a variety of names. In Brazil it’s known as Escova Definitiva, Escova Maroquina, Escova Liss and of course Escova Progressiva.

Essentially they all work in a very similar way, infusing your hair with Keratinn and other amino acids, to literally condition away frizz. The result is stunning and leaves your hair smoother, shinier and all together healthier.

Is Brazilian Keratin straightening dangerous?

Absolutely not. Our Keratin straightening treatments Zene Escova Progress and Tutanat Progressiva, contain no harmful substances such as Formaldehyde.

Although the use of Formaldehyde in ‘Brazilian Blowout’ products is allowed in places like America and China, it’s use is actually banned in Brazil. Companies must publish a full list of ingredients on the packagingby law and submit them for Government testing. In fact, Zene Progress has a certification number awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Health and it’s completely safe for use at home or in any salon environment.

What type of hair does Brazilian Keratin work on?

Brazilian Keratin straightening is works well all types of hair – virgin, coloured, highlighted, previously straightened, kinky, curly, and wavy. It really doesn’t matter and the process actually works best on treated hair, although everyone will notice a profound and fabulous result.

Does Keratin work on Black hair?

Absolutely yes. If your hair is already relaxed, the Brazilian Keratin system will work to maintain its effect, adding a natural look and feel. New growth will be straighter and less frizzy. Used alone, Brazilian Keratin straightening products work progressively over successive treatments to create a softer, shinier finish compared to harsher relaxing treatments. Read more about Keratin on black hair here.

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Results of a single application on virgin Afro hair

How long does the Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment last?

The beautiful thing about Zene Progress Brazilian Blowout is that it lasts a long time. Your first application should last between 2 and 3 months. After that, with repeated use, you can expect to enjoy the fabulous results of Zene Progress for up to 4 months at a time. The results get better with each application, hence the Progressiva part of the name!

Do I need a clarifying shampoo first?

Yes. Before applying any Brazilian Keratin hair straightening product we suggest using a clarifying, or anti residual, shampoo. This will strip your hair of grime and product residue, making it more absorbent and receptive to Keratin. Once applied, there are a number of different shampoos, conditioners and masks you can use to prolong the results. You can see a range of them here.

Where can I buy Brazilian Blowout Products in United States?

buy brazilian keratin hereGood news. You’ve come to the right place. Click here to visit our online store and see all the Keratin straightening and care products we sell, direct from Brazil delivered free to your door. We’re closer than your local salon and a lot less hassle to visit.

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